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Pet CBD Oil: Know the Benefits Offered to Your Dog or Cat
Pet CBD Oil Know the Benefits Offered to Your Dog or Cat

September 14, 2021

Getting to Know About Pet CBD Oil

CBD has taken the world by storm due to its remedial characteristics. Many users of CBD (short for cannabidiol) have vouched for its help in addressing their signs and symptoms related to depression, anxiety, pain, and other related conditions. The proven help rendered by CBD has compelled pet owners to try the best CBD products such as pet CBD oil to improve the life of their pets. This trend has been more prevalent in dog owners than in any other pet.

Why Use CBD Oil for Dogs?

The first question that comes to the mind of people thinking about pet CBD oil is regarding the benefits that CBD oil and CBD pet drops can offer to their dog. The answer is positive because as a primary source of CBD, hemp has many active compounds that could be helpful in many conditions of dogs regardless of their breed and age. Some of the benefits of using Pet CBD oil are the following:

Helps in Anxiety

CBD is mostly famous for helping with depression and anxiety. It is also the reason that compels dog owners to use CBD pet drops to help calm their pets. Just like human beings, dogs can become anxious and thus experience mild to severe anxiety. This can be triggered by loud sounds, separation from a loved one, and while traveling. Dog owners have reported considerable differences in the anxiety levels of their pet dogs when they were given CBD oil for dogs.

Helps in Pain

Dogs suffer from pain and other symptoms of arthritis. It is a condition in which joints get sore and painful because of inflammation caused by an autoimmune response. Statistics show that 6 pups out of 10 suffer from arthritis during some stage of their life.

A study was published in the Antioxidants Journal which highlighted the importance of CBD products such as CBD oil for dogs in playing a role as an anti-inflammatory agent for inflammation arising as a result of arthritis and other inflammatory conditions.

Helps in Seizures

Dogs also experience seizures that can affect the quality of their life. For human beings, the only CBD-based medical product approved by FDA is to help in the symptoms of seizures. Dog owners have reported that using CBD pet drops they have been able to achieve similar results in the terms of alleviating the symptoms of seizures. A study published in the American Veterinary Medical Association’s journal also reported that 9 out of 10 dogs suffering from seizures experienced fewer episodes as compared to before getting CBD pet drops.

Know the Source of Your CBD

It is easy to get swayed by the ways in which CBD can help in improving your pet’s life. But it is important to know the constituents of the extract of hemp that is in the pet CBD oil. The extracts from hemp are available in the market in the following three forms:

  • If the extract from hemp contains the active chemicals without any exceptions, then it is called a CBD full spectrum extract that even contains tetrahydrocannabinol or THC. In this type of extract, all the active compounds complement each other. CBD products having a full spectrum do not have the ability to give your pet a high because of the presence of THC rather the effects are compounded.
  • CBD products with broad-spectrum still contain all the active compounds of the hemp plant but the only exception is THC. THC is not a part of broad-spectrum CBD products.
  • When all other active compounds are removed from the hemp extract except CBD then it is called CBD isolate or CBD extract which is as pure as CBD could get without any contamination.

Best Pet CBD Oil

Pet CBD oil products containing different extracts ranging from full spectrum to CBD isolate are the product of choice of pet owners as these oils are quick to offer results and easier to carry around and administer to your pet. The added convenience of a dropper makes it a great experience for the pet and owner.

CBD Doggie Drops

All pet CBD oil products are ranked on the basis of their sourcing information, contents, purity, and customer reviews, and reported benefits. CBD Doggie Drops are sourced from only the best of the hemp. It contains full-spectrum CBD extract along with active compounds from the hemp plant that is beneficial for your pet.

Carrier oil is also added which makes it possible for your pet to digest and take up the oil effectively into the bloodstream. Depending upon your need and other factors such as breed, weight, and age of your dog you can choose between the two concentrations that CBD Doggie Drops are offered in. Limited flavors are also available to make it a favorite treat for your dog which is well suited to its taste buds.

Are Pet CBD Oils Safe?

CBD products are not yet approved by FDA or any other health regulatory body. But pet CBD oils just like other CBD products are used by people extensively and they share their positive experience on a regular basis. Pet CBD oil is not approved by FDA or any other body of veterinary health therefore it is recommended by the experts to consult your veterinary consultant before administering pet CBD oils or any other products to your dog.

Pet CBD Oil Dosage

Pet CBD oil dosage is figured out by many dog owners by a hit and trial method. Other than that, there is no set rule or guidelines suggesting the dosage of pet CBD oil such as CBD Doggie Drops. Experts, however, recommend that regardless of the type of extract and concentration of a specific product a general dosage classification can be carried out on the basis of your dog i.e., 1 milligram of pet CBD oil per 5 pounds weight of your dog.

It has been noted that by using this weighting method to determine the dose of pet CBD oil more than one-third of dog owners have found the perfect dose of pet CBD oil that is sufficient for their dog.

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