CBD Sports Cream- Play Your Heart Out

Have you heard about CBD sports creams? Right now, they are all the rage with all kinds of athletes. After a tiring game, a long marathon, or an exhilarating swim session, CBD sports cream can offer you instant relief and help take the pain away with virtually no side-effects.

Among the many excellent pain relief creams, CBD Freeze the Pain Cream can work wonders for you. The most common types of sports injuries are either sprains or strains. Strains are injuries to ligaments, which connect bones within a joint. Let’s get to know the sports injuries and how CBD cream might help in dealing with them.

What Makes Room for CBD Sports Cream Use?

Ligaments are essential for human movement and a torn or injured ligament can cause serious pain. When you suddenly stretch any part of your body or push your muscles beyond their capacity it can result in a deformed or torn ligament. You may also experience serious strains which are injuries to muscle tendons or fibers.

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Tendons are what connect muscles to the bones. Strains are commonly referred to as pulled muscles. Everyone experiences pulled muscles on occasion when engaged in physical activity. CBD cream for athletes can. help you with most muscle injuries that occur during sports activities. According to one estimate, 10% to 55% of all sports injuries are muscle injuries. These injuries require immediate medical aid because of extreme pain, and CBD Freeze the Pain Cream finds its use here.

What Is CBD?

Cannabidiol (CBD) is one of the 100 compounds which are commonly found in the marijuana or Cannabis plant. It is a non-psychoactive compound and doesn’t get you “high.” The active compound in the cannabis plant called tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is what possesses psychoactive properties.

Over the years, different studies have found that CBD can help with chronic pain of many types. So, often the best pain relief creams have CBD or CBD products contained within it.

What Kind of Pain Does CBD Cream Treat?

CBD creams can be used for multiple ailments. In the market, you can find CBD cream for back pain, migraines, menstrual cramps, nerve pain or sciatica, localized joint pain, inflammation, muscle soreness, sprains, and even help relieve arthritis pain. CBD does not treat pain but helps to temporarily relieve pain.

A typical CBD cream for back pain cannot only be used for sprains and injuries but other conditions such as hemorrhoids, earaches, and skin conditions such as dermatitis, rashes, dry skin, blisters, eczema, psoriasis, or even aiding in faster healing of cuts, bruises, scrapes, and wounds. Another use of CBD is for painful migraines and neuropathic pain.

CBD is a chemical that has shown antispasmodic and anti-inflammatory properties in several studies. Not only this, it can relieve serious pain, enhance blood flow circulation, and when taken in other forms (such as oils and tinctures) can regenerate cellular activity.

Evidence for the Efficacy of CBD Creams

There is much evidence that shows that the best muscle pain relief creams should have CBD in them. In one of the studies conducted in 2011, researchers found that CBD reduced inflammatory pain in rats. According to the scientists, the mechanism of action here was how the CBD changed the way pain receptors respond to stimuli.

Another literature review, where researchers pooled the data from several animal studies, concluded that CBD was an effective pain reliever for symptoms of arthritis.

Another 2016 study showed that CBD cream could relieve pain and inflammation that often occurs in arthritis. A study conducted a year later also found CBD to be safe.

The Mechanism of Action

If you are wondering how cannabinoids such as CBD can help relieve pain, there is a simple answer to it. CBD are chemicals that attach themselves to specialized receptors in the human immune system and the brain. The receptors they attach to are called CB2 receptors.

These receptors play an important role in the human immune system by managing pain and inflammation. According to research, when CBD enters the human body it attaches to the CB2 receptors. Sometimes CBD can also induce the body to produce natural cannabinoids that can, in turn, attach to CBD receptors.

Whichever way it occurs, when the receptors are attached, they respond by helping to reduce the pain and inflammation in the body. These findings were revealed in a review of a research paper published in 2008. The paper suggested that CBD can be used for chronic pain management.

Choosing the Best CBD Strains for Pain Relief

Even though every kind of CBD is good for pain relief, some of the products are better than others. One type of CBD that you should be aware of in a sports injury pain relief cream is ACDC. ACDC is a combination of CBD and THC. It can produce effects such as pain relief, relaxation, euphoria, and a heightened sense of focus. We don’t advocate the use of it because of the THC.

CBD Freeze The Pain Sports Cream at your trusted natural health supplements store online is one of the best-selling CBD creams known for its instant pain relief properties. For chronic pains such as arthritis or fibromyalgia (high inflammation conditions) more may be needed until you find your right fit.

How to Use CBD Cream and Ointment?

Even with the best muscle pain relief creams that contain CBD, it is important that you use them properly. You cannot expect to put even the best kind of sports injury pain relief cream on a strain and assume it to help in pain relief.

Topical CBD or ointment can easily be absorbed into the skin and can help when applied to the affected area. But, before you use this or any other pain or sports pain relief cream, it is best to first wash the area with water and soap. This will remove any excess oil, dirt, or previously applied lotions and topical creams. This action will create the best environment for the absorption of the CBD ointment.

With adults, it is best to generously put the ointment on the affected area and rub it until it is absorbed. Afterward, it is best to cover the affected area with bandages or clothing. For the elderly and children, it is best to apply small amounts as they have naturally thinner skin. Watch out for any redness, soreness, bumps, itchiness, or rashes.

Once you have applied the CBD ointment, it can take 1 to 48 hours to relieve your pain depending on the dosage, frequency of use, and severity of the condition. Typically these ointments should be used 2 to 3 times a day.

No Side Effects

You can use CBD creams without worrying about any potential side effects. The best CBD cream for athletes available in the market right now, called CBD Freeze the Pain Cream, does not enter the bloodstream; so, there is little chance of the CBD reaching your brain and causing random mood shifts.

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