CBD Oil for Pain Management: Does It Really Work?

CBD is a miraculous compound with a wide range of benefits. If you have heard it mentioned to use CBD Oil for Pain Management: Does It Really Work? This question comes straight to mind whenever we hear about some incredible medicinal or therapeutic properties in a product. We’re here to clear your confusion about it and to tell you that yes, it does wonders in pain management. Read on to get familiar with how this amazing product helps you get rid of all kinds of inflammation related pain.

CBD or Cannabidiol is basically a type of cannabinoid. This chemical can be naturally found in cannabis, what’s commonly known as marijuana or hemp. This chemical has wonderful therapeutic properties and does not give you the high associated with marijuana. The high is usually the result of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), which is a different cannabinoid.

People who suffer from chronic pain use CBD products such as CBD oil to get relief and manage their symptoms. CBD oil can reduce pain, inflammation, and even discomfort associated with a variety of chronic pain conditions. The scientific research on this chemical has revealed promising results. CBD is also better for people than opioids that are typically used to manage chronic conditions. Opioids are habit-forming and highly addictive. On the other hand, CBD does not come with these negative side effects.

Most of the CBD oils that are available in the market have also terpenes in them, which also help with pain relief.

CBD for Chronic Pain Relief

Let’s answer these questions: CBD Oil for Pain Management: Does It Really Work? Should I use it?

Human beings have an internal system based on cell-signaling. This system is known as the endocannabinoid system (ECS). Researchers have seen that Cannabidiol interacts with one of the components of this cellular system, called endocannabinoid receptors. These receptors are present in both the brain and the immune system. These receptors are attached to the cells and work as gatekeepers for the cells. They sense chemical signals and allow chemicals to interact with a cell.

One such response is anti-inflammatory and also relieves pain. These responses then help with pain management. This is how CBD oil can help you relieve chronic pain.

In a study review, that was conducted to see if CBD was indeed helpful with pain relief the results were very promising. The review used studies conducted on the subject for almost 43 years. The types of pain which were seen to have been benefited by CBD oil included:; cancer pain, fibromyalgia, and pain associated with the nervous system. The study also showed that there were no negative effects associated with the use of CBD oil.

CBD for Arthritis Pain Relief

CBD oil helps with arthritis and joint pain too. A study that went on to examine its effectiveness against rats with arthritis pain, showed just that.

CBD was applied to the rats for four days in different concentrations. The scientists say that there was a considerable difference in arthritis and joint pain of the rats. They even observed a decrease in inflammation. Again, there were no side effects reported. One key finding of the study suggested that CBD did not work effectively in very high or very low doses. So, it is important to follow a strict rule of accurate usage.

Though human studies are needed, this is evidence enough that CBD oil can help with arthritis and chronic pain.

CBD for Cancer Treatment Relief

Everyone knows that cancers and chemotherapy treatment results in a lot of pain and serious side effects on the patient. CBD oil is very helpful for people undergoing cancer treatment. CBD itself is not the treatment but is used to help with the pain associated with such treatments; adjunct pain. In a study, conducted on mice it was demonstrated that CBD may actually help the inflammation around the tumor cells to shrink. But this area is still under investigation.

More studies have revealed that CBD can help with inflammation pain related to cancer treatments. Even the National Cancer Institute has recommended CBD as a potential option for helping with chemotherapy side effects like lack of appetite, vomiting, and pain.

In another study conducted to assess CBD potential for pain management, it was seen that when it is given in combination with opioids to cancer patients, compared to giving opioids alone, there was a clear reduction in pain suffered by the patients. Additional research revealed similar results.

CBD for Migraine Pain Relief

There are a few studies that reflect how CBD can help with migraines. One such study showed that CBD can lead to less acute pain due to migraines and can reduce the severity of the migraine as well. (After writing this article, this was actually tried by the writer using CBD Freeze Roll On for migraine pain and found to be personally helpful.)

Best CBD Roll On Pain Relief Infographics

People with cluster headaches can also benefit from CBD, especially if they have a history of migraines since childhood.

CBD for PMS Cramps and Period Pain Relief

If you always suffer from severe PMS cramps, this natural remedy is for you. CBD may help alleviate symptoms associated with PMS cramps, help you sleep better, have a better sex life, and also say goodbye to all the pain.

CBD can help reduce breast tenderness along with abdomen tenderness that women may suffer before and during their periods. For many, just rubbing CBD oil on these areas can provide instant and long-term pain relief.

CBD Total Body CBD Oil with Terpenes 2500mg Infographics

CBD can also help reduce stress and anxiety that comes with monthly periods. CBD not only stops the release of cortisol (the stress hormone) but also slows the breakdown of Anandamide (the bliss molecule). This results in helping to regulate mood swings as well.

CBD oil can also help alleviate and prevent mood swings by stabilizing your internal stress-related cell-signaling pathways. The CBD oil is also good for period cramps and bloating as it improves digestive function, reduces nausea, and inflammation throughout the human body.

CBD Side Effects

There are not a lot of side effects associated with CBD oil, as it is usually used topically but even when taken orally, as with anything else, it is about using the right amount. More is not always better in natural health. Certain “side effects” have been reported with too much orally taken CBD oil like:

  • Weight fluctuations
  • Diarrhea
  • Fatigue
  • Appetite changes

Is CBD Legal?

Yes, CBD oil is perfectly legal, in all 50 states at the time of this writing, as long as its THC concentration is below 0.3 percent. You must check your country laws before traveling with such products as many countries are not allowing it yet.

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