CBD for Depression and Anxiety – Understanding How it Helps

As traditional therapies are failing patients every day, a new savior has risen. CBD for depression and anxiety is being used increasingly by people around the globe who are sick and tired of conventional therapies that often do not work.

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If you have stumbled upon this page you must have heard about the use of CBD oil to help the human mind. If you are intrigued by the notion and trying to understand how CBD oil can help, or how to use CBD oil for anxiety and depression, we are here to help.

Knowing CBD

First things first. Let’s understand what CBD oil actually is. Cannabidiol (CBD) is a natural compound found in the marijuana plant. It is a form of a special class of chemicals known as cannabinoids. These chemicals have significant therapeutic powers.

Cannabidiol should not be confused with tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). THC is what gives the cannabis plant its typical “high” when consumed in various ways, whereas CBD does not alter the state of mind in this way.

Understanding Depression and Anxiety

Statistics show that nearly 45% of people in the world with one mental disorder often meet the criteria for two or more other mental disorders as well. Depression and anxiety often occur together in this way.

One study found that almost half of people diagnosed with either depression or anxiety end up having the other disorder as well.

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If you look at how the body succumbs to anxiety and depression, you will find a curious little substance called serotonin. An imbalance of the serotonin levels can affect your mood, which can lead to depression. Serotonin fluctuation can result in low brain cell production of the chemical itself, shortage of receptor sites whereupon serotonin attaches itself, the inability of this chemical to reach these sites, or a shortage of tryptophan. Tryptophan is a chemical from which the body produces serotonin. When any of these conditions occur in the body it can directly lead to depression, excessive anger, panic, anxiety, and obsessive-compulsive disorder. Kindly read more here the best CBD oil for anxiety and depression.

The Problems if Left Untreated can Seriously Harm Our Health

If these conditions are left untreated it can become a serious problem. When untreated, people with anxiety and depression tend to engage in risky behavior such as alcohol and drug addiction. Addiction, in turn, can cause problems in the workplace, in relationships, along with serious effects on physical health.

People suffering from anxiety and depression cannot be cured without proper treatment, which includes antidepressants and psychotherapy. However, often such treatments are difficult to fine-tune according to specific patients. Many can go on to suffer for years until they find an appropriate medication regimen.

Depression can take a physical toll on health as well. Studies have shown that people suffering from depression often are at an increased risk for stroke and coronary artery disease. These people are also likely to have a difficult time making healthcare decisions, following through with doctor’s instructions, and sticking to their medications.

CBD for Depression and Anxiety

CBD oil is such a Godsend and even doctors recommend CBD for depression. As we have explained before, depression and anxiety are often interlinked, so CBD for anxiety may prove efficacious as well.

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If you are still somewhat skeptical about it, here is some scientific evidence that will help you understand the benefits of using CBD for anxiety and depression.

Research Backing CBD Use

Brain scientists believe that the use of CBD for depression has to do with the positive effect it has on the serotonin receptors of the brain. Depression can mean low serotonin levels in the brain and the body. While CBD does not raise these serotonin levels, it can alter how your brain responds to the serotonins that are already present in your body.

In a 2014 study, it was found that CBD interacted with serotonin receptors in such a way that animals under study experienced anti-anxiety and anti-depressant effects. In a recent study, which reviewed evidence from previous studies, it was shown that CBD produced anti-stress effects which could lead to reduced levels of depression.

The National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) has shown that CBD can reduce stress (generalized anxiety disorder) in animals such as rats. This study has shown that under the influence of CBD, subjects can exhibit lower behavioral signs of anxiety. Other associated physiological symptoms of anxiety, such as increased heart rate, can also be improved by using CBD.

In one of the human studies, researchers found that people using 600 mg of CBD experienced lower levels of anxiety in public than people who were on a placebo. Another study which explored a similar relationship found that a smaller dose of 300 mg also reduced levels of anxiety in people.

Anxiety has also been shown to be linked to low serotonin. According to experts, that may be a reason why CBD provides relief from anxiety as well. Please read more here the natural remedies for anxiety.

Other data has also shown that CBD can help relieve some of the PTSD symptoms such as replaying negative memories and experiencing nightmares. Studies have shown CBD to provide relief to PTSD patients, along with cognitive behavioral therapy and medication.

How to Use CBD Oil for Anxiety and Depression

Even with the best CBD oil for depression and anxiety, it is important to first learn the right way to use CBD oil. CBD is available in multiple forms such as capsules, edibles, sublingual sprays, cannabis flowers, and oils.

In which form CBD is used directly determines how quickly it takes effect in the body. CBD oil can show immediate effects 30 minutes to 2 hours after administration. Smoking or vaping CBD oil can produce more immediate effects; however, we recommend using this oil orally as smoking and vaping can also cause damage to your lungs.

CBD Dosage for Anxiety and Depression

It is important to optimize CBD dosage for anxiety and depression in order to attain the best possible results. Note to reader: Remember that these are suggestions and to get an actual amount for you, it is best to visit a natural health practitioner who understands CBD and its benefits. Even with the best CBD oil for depression and anxiety, if you are not taking the appropriate amount of CBD you would not be able to experience its positive impact.

In a study conducted two years ago, CBD was given to people experiencing anxiety before a public speaking test. Subjects receiving 300 mg of CBD oil 90 minutes before the test experienced a reduced amount of anxiety compared to people in the placebo group and the subjects who took 150 mg of CBD.

Experts suggest that when you start taking CBD oil for depression and anxiety, you should begin by taking a lower dose and increasing it day by day to achieve the results you need. It is best to coordinate your dosage with a doctor or a professional healthcare worker for avoiding any unwanted results.

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