One of the most regular and painful aspects of your life that visits you each month is your period or to be more exact menstrual cramps or Dysmenorrhea. According to WebMD, some common symptoms of Dysmenorrhea are; pain in your belly, hips, lower back, and inner thighs, feeling pressure in your abdomen, and, in severe cases, upset stomach and sometimes vomiting.
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As per Mayo Clinic, several causes of Dysmenorrhea include Endometriosis, Fibroids in the uterus, Pelvic Inflammatory disease, Adenomyosis, and Cervical stenosis. But no worries, you can benefit from CBD oil. The best CBD oils for the menstrual cycle are Full Spectrum CBD Oil Strawberry Drops 750mg and CBD oil with Terpenes.

CBD For Menstrual Pain

CBD Total Body CBD Oil with Terpenes 2500mg Infographics

Women say that the best tools for handling painful periods they have found are CBD supplements. CBD is a chemical compound found similar to the compounds found in weed. Everyone has an endocannabinoid system that controls your moods, hormones, and fertility, etc. Some researches show that it deals with issues like depression and serotonin control by binding with nerve receptors. One of the best CBD oil for menstrual pain is CBD oil with Terpenes.

So let’s consider how CBD reduces PMS inflammation and thereby the pain of menstrual cramps.CBD for menstrual cramps aids because it has anti-inflammatory properties according to research. It also helps by muscular-relaxing, and vascular relaxing, since relaxing muscles helps with reducing pain and vascular relaxing increases the flow according to research Cannabis and symptoms of PMS and PMDD.

CBD Oil for Menstrual Cramps

As we know, CBD [also known as Cannabidiol is naturally occurring and found in Cannabis. It may be similar to THC, but it won’t make you high. It relieves pain and reduces inflammation, helps to reduce the tenderness in the lower abdomen, controls hormone imbalance; therefore, taking care of the stress, anxiety, and mood swings in your period and PMS times.

We’ve already explored how cbd reduces PMS inflammation. But also the best CBD oil for menstrual cramps can help to attenuate cramping and bloating by enhancing your digestive process and reducing inflammation and discomfort across your whole body. Better still, by taking our best CBD oil for menstrual cramps only a couple days before you start your cycle, you can proactively avoid this symptom.

CBD Oil for Menstrual Cramps Dosage

Dosage is a general concern for people who use CBD for any illness, whether they use CBD oil, cream, edible, or vapor juice. Sadly, no one size fits all levels of CBD for menstrual cramps or any other medical condition. We all have different bodies, using drugs containing different concentrations of CBD, and have other factors that affect the dose of CBD. As a consequence, what works well for one women’s menstrual pain may be ineffective for another, particularly where additional symptoms are involved.

The best approach to CBD oil for menstrual cramps dosage, though, is to start low and generally increase the dose until the required relaxation is achieved. Make sure to take things easy, because the benefits of CBD are relatively precise: it’s more about what you don’t experience than an obvious effect. Once you’ve identified the dosage that fits, stick to it. CBD can be funny that way. For many people it takes just the right amount for their body’s needs and that IS the dose.

Many people generally consider 10-40mg CBD oral doses daily once or twice for their health and wellness needs are adequate.  This is not just for PMS and menstrual cramps but for daily use in expectation of these times. There is a lot to be said about maintaining health rather than just waiting for symptoms.

How to Use CBD Oil for Menstrual Cramps?

CBD products are very helpful, but before seeking the help of CBD oil, talk to your doctor. Although it is known to be relatively safe, consulting with your doctor is a good idea as they would have a better idea if the medications or vitamins you use would work well with it or not. Check with your doctor if you are pregnant, trying to be pregnant or breastfeeding. Though there are no studies to be found with negative knowledge of the effects of CBD oil on pregnancy or infant, it is always good to tread safely.

CBD Total Body CBD 750mg Strawberry Infographics

Now, how to use CBD oil for menstrual cramps, you can use Full Spectrum CBD oil Strawberry drops 750mg as it is the best CBD oil for menstrual cramps, best results come from sublingual application, place under the tongue and hold for 30seconds, or you can add it to your smoothie, juice, cereal or even oatmeal.

CBD is not only used to make oils but is also used to make balms, rubbing oils, creams and pain-relieving freeze the pain roll on. The use of CBD pain relief creams is also quite easy as you only have to rub or massage it on your body where you feel pain. Of course, in fatty areas you would want to use more than recommended for thin skin areas.

How to Reduce Menstrual Pain Instantly And Naturally?

You can easily help menstrual pain wherever you are. CBD vaping may bring about almost instant relief for menstrual pain instantly and naturally, of course. Following are some other suggestions that will help you with how to reduce menstrual pain instantly and naturally:

  • Using a heating pad or hot water bottle on your pelvic area or back. Taking a warm bath may also help you relax your muscles and soothe the pain.
  • Taking over the counter provided pain medications.
  • Look for vitamins or supplements providing the same ingredients as listed below:
  1. Vitamin E
  2. Omega-3 fatty acids, which you can get from dietary sources such as nuts, seeds, plant-based oils, and fish.
  3. Vitamin B-1 and B-6
  4. Magnesium
  • Perform stress-relieving activities such as yoga, stretching, and meditating as they may help to make your cramps less severe.
  • Get exercise if you feel up to it as it may help you relieve the pain.  Though you may not feel like it at the time walking is said to be one of the best ways to stop menstrual cramps quickly.
  • Seek a doctor if nothing seems to work for your cramps.

How To Stop Menstrual Cramps Fast?

When you are feeling too much pain and can’t wait for the pain-reliever to kick in, then these remedies are for you. Following instructions may help you in how to stop menstrual cramps fast:

  • Keep yourself hydrated and avoid alcoholic drinks as drinking more water may ease bloating, which makes the symptoms worse. Drink 6-8 glasses of water a day.
  • You may crave to eat comfort food during those days. Who doesn’t? But put the ice cream back because research has provided us with information that women who eat food full of rich nutrients, unlike ice cream, during their periods are less likely to feel menstrual pain.
  • Drink chamomile tea as it contains anti-inflammatory substances, and they help in relieving pain.
  • Try fennel, as a researcher believes that fennel reduces uterine contractions that are stimulated by prostaglandins, you only need to eat 30mg 4times a day for three days before your period.
  • Some have suggested, if you want a pain free period, eat 420mg of cinnamon for the first three days of your period.
  • Or use 250mg of ginger for the first three days four times a day. Be careful if you are taking blood thinners.
  • You can use transdermal Vitamin D3 cream or take Vitamin D. Studies show, the women who suffer from Dysmenorrhea (painful periods) have a deficiency of it.
  • Search for heat, make sure to keep yourself warm at all times as cold also causes pain and try exercise.


Menstrual pain is a frequently felt problem, but treatment is required, which may be naturally occurring or a prescription by your doctor. According to research, one out of four women feel severe menstrual pain which requires absenteeism from social activities. Therefore, it is recommended to use one of the above naturally occurring remedies after consulting your doctor or ask your doctor to prescribe you with the best CBD oil for menstrual cramps.

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