Will the 3 Different Forms of CBD For Arthritis Pain Be Effective?

Arthritis limits the mobility of millions of people around the globe every year. It stops their free movement and causes severe to moderate pain in the bones and joints. CBD for Arthritis is gaining popularity in people suffering from both types of the disease i.e., rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis.

People suffering from chronic arthritis consider using cannabidiol to alleviate the pain that occurs in this condition. Cannabidiol or CBD is an extract from the marijuana plant. CBD is found along with other compounds such as delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) in the marijuana plant. CBD is an exception among these compounds as it is not a psychoactive compound.

Perception of CBD for Arthritis

A survey was conducted by Gallup in August 2019 to assess the perception of CBD products in Americans. The poll results showed that almost 14% of Americans knew about CBD products.

Out of these 14% of Americans that have used CBD products before, at least 40% have used CBD for arthritis pain management and alleviating symptoms of other chronic pains.

Another poll was carried out by the Arthritis Foundation to assess the use of CBD for arthritis. The results of the poll showed that 29% of the people who took the poll were active users of CBD for arthritis pain management. And 80% of people who took the survey either knew about CBD in the past or were planning to use it in the future.

People who were using CBD for arthritis confirmed that their symptoms have been alleviated by the use of CBD as adjunct pain relieving supplementation. These people commented that the most important use of CBD for them was to relax, improve their stress levels and sleep cycle. Many of them also said that CBD was their compound of choice for treating chronic pain and stiffness in joints.

Why Choose CBD for Arthritis Pain?

There can be multiple reasons for choosing CBD over conventional OTC medicines and prescription drugs. The main reason is that these options don’t offer a complete solution to the pain that arises due to arthritis.

CBD offers a better shot at pain relief without the addictive nature as observed in the case of opiates which are excellent painkillers as well. Another motivating factor is the broad-spectrum effects of CBD such as reduction in anxiety and better state of mind overall. Even without the THC component CBD has a calming effect.

3 Different Forms of CBD Products But Same Strength

Because of side effects related to conventional medicine and broad-spectrum benefits offered by CBD, it has gained a lot of importance for supporting generalized (anxiety) and specific conditions (rheumatoid arthritis pain). CBD is not a cure or does not treat these illnesses but instead provides a supporting factor to treatment or lifestyle changes.

Zero THC CBD is of special interest among all the compounds extracted from marijuana because it is not psychoactive and it doesn’t cause euphoria. CBD is a support for helping in conditions such as anxiety, depression, sleep deprivation, and chronic pain.

CBD is preferred by people who want help in managing their condition without the euphoric effects of other active compounds from the marijuana plant i.e., THC.

Before the end of 2018, CBD was a controlled substance. Therefore, long-term studies on this compound are not available at the moment but short-term early studies have shown that CBD can help in managing symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis.

CBD products for arthritis come in different forms and textures. These products can be stand-alone extracts or they can be mixed with carrier substances such as oils for applying topically or for consuming orally. Some of these products which may help with arthritis pain are following:

  • CBD cream
  • CBD oil
  • CBD gummies

How Adequate is Topical CBD Cream for Arthritis Pain?

The topical options to help in the symptoms of arthritis can be in the form of salve, balm, cream, or a lotion. Unlike oral CBD products, these are applied on the skin from where it is absorbed by the body and the therapeutic effect takes place in a few minutes. Topical CBD cream for arthritis pain are also beneficial because they can apply to the affected joint of the body directly. With transdermal use close to 95% of the active ingredient is absorbed since it does not pass through digestion or the liver.

CBD Creams 2oz Jar for Pain Relief Infographic

CBD creams for arthritis pain are full-spectrum CBD products. These contain extracts from fresh fruits, herbal extracts and combined with soothing oils to help people suffering from arthritis and diminish the excruciating pain that they experience.

For maximum benefit, apply a small amount to the affected bone or joint and let it be absorbed by the skin. You can increase the dose further if the results are not satisfied but the increase in dose should be done gradually.

How to Use the CBD Oil for Arthritis Pain

CBD oil products are derivatives of cannabis extract. Because CBD is different from THC, the receptors targeted by CBD oil are different from receptors targeted by other compounds extracted from cannabis.

CBD users are most familiar with CBD oil products because they are the easiest to store and use. Articles about CBD oil for arthritis are probably one of the most talked about CBD subjects.

CBD oils also come in more flavors than any other product. Because of its oral ingestion and fast track take-up by the body, CBD oil for arthritis helps in alleviating symptoms of arthritis on a short-term basis. Taking CBD oil orally and holding it under the tongue renders the best results. CBD oils with terpenes are even more bioavailable because the terpenes in a sense “invite” the CBD into the cells more readily.

CBD Total Body CBD Oil with Terpenes 2500mg Infographics

CBD oils often come in the form of an isolate that is pure CBD and then turned into a CBD tincture and CBD oil drops by a carrier oil; usually hemp seed oil. Then it can be put under or at the end of the tongue with the help of a dropper.

CBD oil for arthritis pain also comes in the form of full-spectrum oil CBD products. These are stand-alone products with no flavors or extracts added but just CBD in all its glory and combined with one carrier oil. The stand-alone full-spectrum CBD oil is extracted from the plant as a whole and can be bottled in the most natural form without any additives. Just put a few drops at the base of your tongue which will then be absorbed by the body through the lining of the cavity.

If you are on any anti-inflammatory or blood thinning drugs check the prescription labels for interactions. Self-determined arthritis pain management using CBD products can be very rewarding, if right for you.

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